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Irrigation Installation & Repair

Summer heat & drought conditions can be damaging to your landscape. We can install and adjust your irrigation system according to the current water regulations in your area. A working sprinkler system is crucial to the health of your lawn, plants, trees and garden. Irrigation systems, when used regularly will eventually experience problems from wear and tear due to some common problems such as broken sprinkler heads, clogged nozzles, leaking pipes, malfunctioning controllers and improper spray patterns.

irrigation timer
Irrigation Timer installation

 We will:

  • Diagnose the issues with your irrigation system.

  • Discuss with you in detail repairs that need to be made.

  • Estimate approximately what it will cost for repairs.

  • Upon your approval, we will fix all issues and get your irrigation system up and running!

sprinkler repair
Sprinker Repair

We repair:

  • Broken Pipes

  • Broken sprinkler heads

  • Timer issues

  • Zone coverages (too little, too much)

  • Incorrect heads for type of coverage wanted/needed

  • Puddling water near a sprinker head

  • No, low or high pressure

irrigation installation
Irrigation Installation


The correct irrigation system for your yard needs all starts with installing the right type of valves, pvc piping, sprinklers, filters and drip systems needed. Lara's landsacping can help you with choosing the correct irrigation set up that best suits your project.

Sprinkler System Check (Diagnostic testing) $60

Why do we charge for a sprinkler system check?  It’s a pretty common industry standard to charge for a diagnostic call.  And here’s why -

Depending on the size of  your lawn, the time it takes to run the complete diagnostic testing on the entire sprinkler system, can exceed two hours.  The diagnostic charge covers the time of the technician as well as the complete report, flagging of problem areas and recommended repairs.


After diagnosing your irrigation issues, it may be necessary to upgrade some heads and make additions to your system. Whether its a residential or commercial property, Lara's landscaping can help improve your irrigation system and keep your landscape looking beautiful.

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